How to Remove Rear Brake Lines

1. Break the lug nuts loose on the rear wheels. Turn the lugs 45 degrees with a tire wrench, but do not unseat the wheel from the wheel hub it is attached to.
2. Raise the vehicle onto jack stands. Place wheel blocks in front of the front wheels.
Jack up on the front lift point behind the radiator and place a jack stand under each of the rear jack points. Then, lower the vehicle onto the jack stands.
3. Finish removing the lug nuts and pull the rear wheels off the hub.
4. Place the brake fluid catch pan underneath your vehicle's rear brake caliper (the one you will be working on).
5. Slide the flare nut wrench over the brake tubing just behind the tube nut wrench that connects the hard brake line to the rubber brake line.
6. Orient the flare nut wrench so that it fits over the end of the tube nut.
7. Place an open-end wrench underneath the tube nut on the fitting for the rubber brake line.
8. Remove the protective retainer clip on the rear brake line to the brake hose bracket with a pair of pliers.
9. Hold the open-end wrench still and turn the flare nut wrench counterclockwise to remove the brake line.
10. Pull the brake line off the brake hose.
11. Follow the line to the connection underneath the hood.
12. Remove the brake line to proportioning valve connection with the flare nut wrench. The proportioning valve is a small valve with many brake lines connected to it. The exact location will vary depending on your vehicle.
13. Pull the brake line off the proportioning valve.