How to Draw a Mercedes

Draw the frame for the body of the Mercedes with a large rectangular cube. Do this with a diagonal rectangle that is larger at the front of the rectangle and smaller at the back. Attach a vertical line to the right and left corners of the front of the rectangle. Attach another vertical line to the back right corner. Connect these vertical lines with two horizontal lines that are parallel to the front of the rectangle and the right side line.
Draw a trapezoid shape for the front window of the Mercedes. Make the trapezoid smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. Attach a horizontal line to the top left corner of the window and continue the line past the window. Change the direction of this line so that it is pointing diagonally down. Connect this line with the back right corner. Draw the front bumper with a thin rectangle at the bottom of the front of the car.
3. Draw the side window by drawing a small trapezoid to the right of the windshield. The trapezoid should be smaller at the back and wider at the front. Create the door with a square attached to the bottom of the side mirror.
Draw the head lights of the Mercedes with a circle placed in the upper left and upper right corner of the front of the car. Create the wheels with two circles attached to the bottom and top corner of the right side of the car. Draw the steering wheel with a curved half circle at the bottom right corner of the windshield.
5. Draw the rear view mirror with a small rectangle at the top middle of the windshield. Draw four diagonal lines running up the hood of the car. Add a vent to the left side of the car. Do this by drawing four small rectangles stacked side by side. Draw the grill on the Mercedes with a rectangular shape that has rounded edges and is curved up at the right and left sides.
Trace the drawing of the Mercedes with your black ink pen. Only trace the lines you wish to keep. Do not trace any overlapping guidelines. Let the ink dry and carefully erase the pencil lines.