How to Change Engine Freeze Plugs

1. Park the vehicle, put the automatic transmission in park, or the manual transmission in neutral, and set the parking brake. Allow the vehicle to cool down before working on it. Locate the leaking freeze plug. If it is hidden behind something like the exhaust manifold, you will have to remove the manifold first.
2. Place a screwdriver against the top inside edge of the freeze plug. Strike the screwdriver with a hammer to 'flip' the plug. When you hit the inside edge of the plug it will be pushed into the engine block and pivot in the hole. As it pivots, the bottom of the plug will stick out.
3. Grab the plug with pliers and pull it out of the engine block.
4. Clean the hole in the engine block with emery cloth to remove any corrosion.
5. Coat the outside edge of the new freeze plug with Permatex type gasket sealer. Place the plug against the hole in the engine block. Place a large socket or piece of pipe inside the cupped part of the plug.Tap the plug into place with a hammer by striking the socket or pipe.
6. Refill the engine with coolant. Start the engine and check for leaks.