How to Change the Oil on a Mercedes C230

1. Locate oil filter on your Mercedes 230 and place the oil drip pan underneath on the ground. The oil filter will be found under a black cover on the driver's side of the engine, between the valve covers and the firewall. Loosen the filter with an oil filter wrench, about one full turn, to allow oil to flow back into the engine.
2. Raise the front of the car with car jack and place it on jack stands. Remove the engine covers from the bottom of the engine by using an 8 mm socket wrench. Position the oil drip pan under the oil drain plug at the rear of the engine's oil pan.
3. Loosen the oil pan plug with a 1/2-inch open end wrench and allow the oil to drain into the drain pan. When the oil is completely drained, remove the oil filter from the engine.
4. Coat the new oil filter rubber o-ring with a thin layer of oil and screw the filter back onto the engine. Tighten until the filter is snug, but do not over-tighten. Replace the oil drain plug on the drain pan and tighten it with a 1/2-inch open end wrench.
5. Remove the oil cap from the valve cover and pour 5.25 quarts of oil into the engine. Replace the oil cap and turn the key in the ignition to the 'on' position for about 10 seconds without starting the engine. This will prime the engine with the new oil. Turn engine on and run it for a couple minutes. Then turn it off.
6. Replace the engine covers on the bottom of the engine and remove the jack stands. Dispose of used oil at your local recycling center or automotive store.
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How to Extend My BMW Lease Agreement

1. Call your BMW lease-end relationship consultant at (800) 959-4BMW (4269) to arrange and negotiate a short-term re-lease. You may re-lease for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years.
2. Talk to your lease-end relationship consultant about the payment and terms of your re-lease. BMW Financial Services will determine a new lease payment within about 30 days out from your current lease maturity date.
3. Sign the new re-lease agreement to keep a lease on the BMW you are driving if you are satisfied with the terms.
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Audi TT Fuel Flap Removal

1. Turn the Audi TT off and go to the rear passenger side where the fuel tank flap is located. Push in on the outer edge of the flap to unlatch it and pop it open.
2. Locate the three Phillips head screws that lie along the inside rim of the fuel flap collar equidistance from each other. Unscrew each screw and keep the screws somewhere safe for possible reuse. Slide a flat-head screwdriver into the seam between the inside rim and car body. The collar is also cemented onto the body panel, but it can be separated with a light rocking back and forth.
3. Pull the collar with the fuel flap off the body panel slowly as it is still attached to the door sensor. The door sensor tells the Audi TT when the fuel flap is open and when it is closed. Unplug the door sensor from the fuel flap collar and drape it down on the side. If you are going to paint the Audi TT with the fuel flap off, tape over the hole to prevent paint from sealing the gas cap shut.
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How to Remove an Audi Fuel Pump

1. Remove the fuel filler cap, start the car and leave it running until the fuel tank is completely empty. The engine will cut off once the fuel has run out. Turn off the ignition
2. Use the pliers to disconnect the negative battery cable. Before disconnecting the battery, ensure you have the correct security code for the car radio, as all systems will be reset once the battery is disconnected.
3. Open the trunk and remove the trunk flooring cover. Locate the fuel tank behind the rear passenger seat. Remove the cover.
4. Lift the cover. Using the 1/4-inch ratchet and socket wrench remove the nut. With the nut removed, you will gain access to the fuel pump.
5. Disconnect the harness connector, fuel supply, return hose from the flange and remove the electrical connectors. Use an old rag to catch any excess fuel from the fuel lines.
6. Turn the fuel pump counter-clockwise until it unlocks and can be removed.
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How to Get the Serial Number From a BMW Business Radio

For BMWs Manufactured in 2000 and After
1. Insert your key into the ignition but make sure it is in the "Off" position.
2. Locate the “M” button. In some BMWs the ”M” button will be between two arrows, one facing left and the other facing right. The "M" button is on the front of the BMW business radio with the other radio control buttons.
3. Press and hold the "M" button while turning the key. Only turn the key to turn on the radio, but do not start the car.
4. Look for the serial number on your radio display. The serial number should flash across the screen. It will not disappear unless you press other buttons on the radio to access the menu.
For 1999 and Older BMWs
5. Remove the radio unit from the chassis to view your serial number for model year vehicles 1999 and older.
6. Locate a resource or professional to properly remove the radio unit from your vehicle. The procedure for removing the radio may be slightly different, therefore, find specific instructions for your year and model. Research various sites online that will give you step-by-step instructions for removing your audio system properly to retrieve your serial number.
7. Look on the back of the chassis of your radio to locate your serial number. Your serial number will start with either "F, Pha, P, BP or AL."
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The Transmission Won#039;t Shift in My 2002 Mercedes

1. Put your foot on the brake and attempt to move the gear shift out of park. The park-brake interlock system will not allow you to move your car's shift stick into position unless your foot is on the brake. By applying the brake you will be able to shift freely.
2. Remove the console covering the shifter. The console can be easily removed to check for other problems if applying the brake does not work. The Mercedes-Benz has cupholders near the base of the transmission shift stick. If spilled liquid enters the shifting console it can stop it from functioning.
3. Use a clean cloth soaked in an alcohol solution to clean the inside of the stick shift. Make sure you remove any residue that might be causing the issue.
4. Locate the safety override button near the base of the shifter mechanism if these solutions fail to fix the problem. Pushing this button will override the park brake interlock system and allow you to drive your car to be serviced. If you need to resort to this step it is likely that the solenoid or cable mechanism is broken and needs repair.
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How to Remove the TDI Injector

1. Pop the hood. Open the gas door and remove the gas cap. Locate the injector pump, which is on the driver's side of the engine. Disconnect the fuel lines running to the injector pump and the injectors with a line wrench.
2. Unbolt the injector from the cylinder head using the 3/8-inch ratchet and the 27-millimeter deep-well socket. Take the injector out of the engine.
3. Unbolt the injector heat shield from the head with the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.
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How to Reset an Airbag Light

1. Put the key into the ignition and turn the switch to the 'on' position.
2. Watch for the airbag light to turn on. It will stay illuminated for seven seconds and then shut itself off. After it shuts off, immediately turn the switch off and wait three seconds.
3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 two more times.
4. Start the engine. The SRS light should come on for seven seconds, and then shut off and stay off. The airbag light has been reset.
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How to Change the Turn Signal for the BMW X5

1. Turn the headlight dial on the dash to '0.' This ensures that the power to the headlight assembly is turned off. Shut down the X5's engine; pull the hood release lever and open the hood.
2. Look at the back panel of the headlight assembly to find the turn signal. The turn signal is the outermost bub in the assembly. It's right on the edge of the interior fender liner on either side of the X5. You'll see a plastic cap.
3. Rotate the plastic cap to the left to remove it. Now you'll see the turn signal bulb.
4. Turn the bulb holder to the left to disconnect it. The bulb is now free from the assembly. Pull the connection to unplug the wiring from the bulb holder.
5. Attach the replacement bulb's holder to the wiring. It simply plugs in. Place the new bulb into the assembly and turn it to the right. Attach the plastic cap and rotate it to the right to recover the bulb holder.
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How to Install a Radio for an Audi A4

1. Remove the existing radio. In most cases, an Audi radio removal will require the use of European radio removal tools. These can be purchased from many auto parts stores, and may be ordered from the dealership as well.
2. Inspect the factory wiring harness. Make sure that the factory harness will plug into the aftermarket radio harness with ease. Also, check the antenna adapter to ensure a proper fit.
3. Connect the aftermarket radio harness to the vehicles radio replacement harness. Solder all connections and insulate them with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape.
4. Mount the dash kit to the vehicle using the hardware provided. In some Audi models, the dash kit will secure itself using plastic clips, and no additional hardware is required. In other models, screws are necessary. Any necessary hardware will be included in the kit.
5. Plug the aftermarket harness and antenna adapter into the vehicle. Connect the remaining end into the radio. Place the radio into the dash kit and slide the unit into place. Test the new radio thoroughly for function to ensure a proper installation.
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How to remove the door panels on Mercedes Benz (96

1. Remove the triangular panel near the rear view mirror. This can be removed using a standard screwdriver to pop out the retaining clip.
2. Remove screw on the door jamb. This screw holds a black metal cover.
3. Pull out the "Air Bag" badge above the door handle and remove the screw.
4. Using a flat tool, pop the bottom of the door panel which is held in place by plastic retainers.
5. You should be able to jiggle the door panel off by pulling up using the handle or lifting up the bottom of the door panel.
6. Remove the wires that are attached to the tweeter and the door lock switch.
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How to Set the Memory Features for the Audi

1. Turn on your car and turn on the radio.
2. Skip to the radio station that you would like to save.
3. Choose a number to save the radio station to and press the numbered button while also pressing down the 'Memory' button on the stereo.
4. Hold the two buttons until the radio beeps and the display flashes, which indicates that the radio station has been saved.
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How to Decode an Old BMW Radio

1. Enter your car. Insert the key in the ignition. Leave it in the 'OFF' position.
2. Locate the 'M' button on your radio. Press and hold it.
3. Turn the key to the 'On' position. Turn on the radio with the 'M' button pressed.
4. Write down the serial number that displays on your radio. Contact your BMW dealership. Ask for the unlock code.
5. Provide your serial number. Write down the unlock code.
6. Press and hold the 'Tuner' button. Enter the unlock code. Wait for the radio to turn on once you entered the code.
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How to Install Chrome Rings on a BMW X5

1. Purchase the chrome rings from an aftermarket vendor. Many vendors exist, so shop around for the best prices and buy the ones that you think look the best.
2. Move and park your X5 into a well lit area. Once you have moved your car, unscrew the two T10 torx screws from the top of the instrument panel.
3. Insert a flathead screwdriver between the lip of the instrument panel and the dash to gently dislodge the panel.
4. Disconnect the black, white and blue connectors on the back of the cluster. Once you have removed the connectors, press in a tab on the back of the cluster and move the release bar to fully disengage the instrument panel from the X5.
5. Put your panel face down on a clean work area free of dust and debris and locate the 5 'X' connectors. Use a pair of flat-nosed pliers and twist all 5 'X' connectors so that they are parallel to the bottom of the of the instrument panel. As you twist the 'X' connectors, use a flathead screwdriver to pry the panel apart.
6. Clean the chrome rings and snap them into place on your instrument panel.
7. Once you are finished, reassemble the instrument panel and connect it to your BMW X5.
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How to Join a Mercedes Car Club

1. Investigate the Mercedes car club your dealer has to offer. Dealers offer new owners membership in AMG Lounge, an online forum for Mercedes AMG owners, and the Owners Online club, an online resource for Mercedes owners. Name and vehicle identification number are required to register.
2. Join the official 'Mercedes-Benz Club of America.' Your membership fee will enroll you in the national Mercedes-Benz club and a local chapter where you can meet other Mercedes enthusiasts.
3. Surf the Internet for Mercedes clubs and forums. Online registration is usually required and fee structures depend on the website you are interested in joining.
4. Visit local 'Classic Car' clubs. Mercedes has been selling cars for over 100 years, so quite a few classic car enthusiasts are Mercedes enthusiasts.
5. Visit a local car show and ask about local Mercedes car clubs. The exhibitors may not be from your community, but they can refer you to the organization hosting the car show or club members of note in your community.
6. Ask your mechanic for club referrals, especially if you are interested in the technical side of automobiles. A Mercedes' mechanic may be the best source to guide you to the Mercedes club that best suits your needs.
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How to Replace the Wiper Blade Insert in an Audi

1. Lift the wiper blade arm away from the Audi windshield so it is at a 90 degree angle before attempting to replace the wiper blade insert.
2. Slide the wiper blade metal rail and insert out of the wiper arm with a pair of needle nose pliers, starting at the farthest point away from you and removing the rail toward you.
3. Pull the rubber insert out of the metal rail with the pliers and discard the rubber insert.
4. Slide the new rubber insert into the metal rail. Place the metal rail and rubber insert into the wiper arm, sliding it back into the arm the way it came out.
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How to Fix Audi A6 Brake Lights

1. Unscrew the lens cover on the Audi's brake light using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Once the cover is removed, unscrew the existing bulb with your hands.
2. Check the brake light socket for corrosion. If necessary, clean the interior of the socket with the plastic scrub brush and wipe it clean with the dry cloth.
3. Open the A6's trunk and lift up the interior mat with your hands. Unscrew the interior panel in the floor of the trunk using the Phillips-head screwdriver.
4. Locate the fuse panel in the middle of the trunk's interior panel. The fuse panel is green with a number of colored fuses attached to the surface. Check the brake light fuses, which are red and located in the top row of fuses, to make sure they are wired properly. Make sure the ends of the brake light wires are securely attached to the fuses. If necessary, unwind the brake light wires, strip some additional covering from the wires, and re-attach the wires to the fuses by crimping the wire ends firmly with your hands.
5. Replace the cover of the interior panel and screw it into place. Screw the replacement bulb into the brake light socket with your hands. Replace the brake light lens cover and screw it into place.
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How to Reset My BMW X5

1. Locate the diagnostic port located under your X5's steering wheel.
2. Plug the reset tool into the diagnostic port and allow it to turn on automatically.
3. Press the 'Reset' button on the diagnostic tool to make the tool flash your BMW's diagnostic system and clear the service indicator lights.
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How to Program a BMW Keyless Remote

1. Close all of the car's doors and open the trunk and the driver's side door. Sit in the driver's seat and close the driver's door behind you.
2. Insert your key into the ignition and cycle it from 'Off' to 'On' five times in five seconds.
3. Wait for a chirp to sound from the car and open and close the driver's door.
4. Press any button on your remote and wait for the light on the remote to flash to indicate successful programming.
5. Close the trunk lid to end the programming sequence.
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Changing the Headlights on a Mercedes W211

1. Turn off your Mercedes W211, and prop open the hood.
2. Tape around the silhouette of the bumper and the headlight bezel to protect the paint.
3. Remove the push-lock fasteners in each wheel well. Pry them out using your pliers, or use the screwdriver as a wedge.
4. Remove the two clips below the lower portion of the central grille, and pull this lower portion of the grille upward and away from the bumper to remove it.
5. Remove the four 8-mm screws from below the lower bumper.
6. Remove the pair of screws in each wheel well holding the lower bumper to the fender.
7. Pull the lower bumper off the bottom front of the vehicle, just below the larger bumper.
8. Remove the two 10-mm bolts that were revealed when you removed the lower portion of the grille.
9. Remove the 8-mm bolts between each headlight cavity.
10. Remove the 10-mm plastic nuts in the front wheel wells using the socket wrench. These plastic nuts are near the push-lock fasteners you removed earlier.
11. Pull out the interfender panel near the wheel well. Look for the small screw that secures the fender to the bumper clamp. Remove this screw with a #20 Torx wrench.
12. Remove the last two front 10-mm bolts near the central grille holding the bumper to the vehicle. You should have someone hold the bumper while you do this. Pull the bumper off the vehicle and set it down gently.
13. Remove the four 8-mm bolts securing each headlight.
14. Pull the headlight slightly out of its cavity, and disconnect the four wiring harnesses from the rear of the headlight.
15. Install the new headlight by connecting the four wiring harness and securing the headlight in the socket with the four 8-mm bolts. Remount the bumper, lower bumper and lower portion of the central grille using the fasteners you have already removed.
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How to Change a Cabin Air Filter

1. Locate the cabin air filter access cover. Typically it is found under the hood at the very back of the engine compartment, or under the dash on the passenger side.
2. Using your screwdriver, unscrew the cover and remove the old cabin air filter.
3. Compare the new cabin air filter to the old one to make sure it is the proper size.
4. Set the old cabin air filter aside.
5. Using your rag, wipe out the cabin air filter compartment to remove remaining dirt and dust.
6. Place the new cabin air filter in the compartment, pressing down and side to side to ensure proper fit. Some filters have a foam gasket on the underside; make sure the filter is installed correctly.
7. Replace the cabin air filter access cover.
8. Wipe yourself and the area clean with rags.
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How to Change Audi TT Headlights

1. First, select the new headlights you want to install. The Audi TT can use a high-intensity discharge (HID) bulb or an light-emitting diode (LED) package. Choose which one you want from an auto parts store.
2. To access the headlights, you must pop the trunk and remove the headlights from behind the casings. Open the trunk and find the back of the headlight wires. These should feed right into the middle of the headlight assembly.
3. Loosen the securing screws around the headlight connection. The connection is a small plastic piece at the end of the wires. Some twisting and maneuvering may be needed to get at the screws. Loosen all the screws but do not completely remove them.
4. Once the screws are loosened, twist the headlight connector until it pulls freely out of the headlamp case. The bulb and connector will come out together.
5. Release the headlight bulb from the connector by depressing the clip or attachment (some models may have different types of clips) and pull out the bulb.
6. Insert the new bulbs by sliding them into the connectors. Replace the bulbs in the headlamp. Turn and lock them in place behind the screws, then tighten the screws to secure them.
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How to Change the Timing Chain on a 525I BMW

1. Buy a timing chain that is made specifically for the BMW 525i 2.5L engine. Most auto parts store or online vendors carry the timing chain needed. Lift the hood of your vehicle and disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the vibration damper and hub assembly to reach the upper and lower timing case covers. Remove case covers. Refer to the vehicle service or owner's manual to identify vehicle parts.
2. Use a ratchet and pinch the upper timing chain tensioner to hold it in place. Use a wrench to remove the upper timing chain sprockets. Remove the camshafts that run along the side of the timing chain. Loosen bolts holding the upper timing chain guide in place. Remove the timing chain and upper timing chain guide. Remove the ratchet holding the upper timing chain tensioner. Remove the crankshaft sprocket and tensioning rail if necessary. Remove the Woodruff key.
3. Install the new timing chain. Replace the Woodruff key and reattach the crankshaft sprocket and tensioning rail. Reattach camshaft sprockets and tighten bolts using a wrench to 16 foot pounds (22Nm). Reattach and tighten lower timing cover bolts to 6.5 to 8.0 foot pounds (9 to 11Nm). Reattach the vibration damper hub bolt and tighten to 17 foot pounds (23 Nm).
4. Replace the upper and lower timing case covers. Start the engine to make sure the timing chain is installed properly.
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How to Change the Brake Lights on an Audi

1. Open the trunk and pull back the carpet in the cargo luggage area.
2. Locate the nuts holding the brake light housing cover. Remove these nuts with a socket wrench.
3. Remove the housing cover and disconnect the electrical wiring from the bulb housing.
4. Turn the bulb counterclockwise to unlock it from the housing. Pull the bulb straight out of the housing.
5. Install the new bulb, reassemble the housing and replace the carpet in the trunk. Installation is the reverse of removal.
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How to Buy a BMW 3 Series

1. Go to the BMW USA website to familiarize yourself with the 3 Series and its options. Choose the '3' from the top of the page; click on the body style and level you wish to pursue. Keep in mind that the xDrive models offer standard all-wheel-drive, other options offer standard rear-wheel-drive.
2. Click on 'view model highlights' to view the level's standard features. Doing this saves you time at the dealership, as you'll become knowledgeable of which level you want. View 'features and specs' from the left side menu at anytime to see a break down of specifications and standard level features.
3. Click on the 'build your own' option. From here, you can build the 3 Series as you see fit. At the same time, you can view pricing for a variety of tempting luxury options. Once you're done building the vehicle, click 'print' from the right side menu so that you can use the information for shopping purchases.
4. Click 'estimate a payment' once building is complete. Choose your state from the drop down box and whether you'd prefer to lease or finance from the 'options' boxes. Options are already filled out and calculated payments do not include taxes or fees.
5. Change the down payment amount if you would like. You can also change the rate, although the rate listed is one offered as a special rate from BMW Financial Services. If you do not plan to use BMW's special offer, change the rate to one you see fit (you can check your bank's website for current new-car auto loan rates).
6. Apply online through BMW Financial Services by clicking 'apply online for finance,' if you'd prefer. Otherwise, you can contact your bank for a pre-approval to have handy when you visit the dealership. The credit application you submit from the BMW website is forwarded to a local dealer of your choice--you are asked to choose a dealer before submitting.
7. Contact the local BMW dealership you want to use once you have your pre-approval. Make an appointment or stop in with your 3 Series print-out. Ask to test drive the model you want and find the one you want to buy, whether it is the one you built or a different model built to suit your needs if you've decided on a different level.
8. Tell the BMW consultant that you have a pre-approval. If it's from a bank other than BMW Financial Services, the consultant will provide you with the information that you'll need to retrieve your check, such as the vehicle identification number (VIN) and buyer's order, which lists all pricing and total finance amount. If financing through BMW Financial Services, the dealer will have your approval on hand and will be able to complete your loan paperwork when you are.
9. Bring the buyer's order to your financing bank to complete your paperwork. Whether financing through the dealer or independently, you'll need to provide your driver's license, vehicle registration (if transferring plates), most recent paystub and proof of residency, such as a recent utility bill. Give the check to the dealer upon return for pick up, or simply sign all paperwork at the BMW dealership. Provide any down payment at this time.
10. Sign all of your state's required motor vehicle department forms, as the dealer handles all insurance, plates, taxes and registration paperwork, even if financing independently. Your consultant will explain your vehicle's options and features entirely, secure your plates and provide you with any additional vehicle or state information before you leave in your new 3 Series.
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How to Refresh your XM radio signal

1. Turn your XM radio on. Position the antenna -- if a standalone receiver -- facing skyward. If you are refreshing an in-car unit and you park the vehicle in a garage, pull the vehicle out of the garage.
2. Tune your XM radio receiver to station '0' and observe as an eight-digit, alphanumeric code appears on the screen -- this is the XM radio's ID. Notate this ID. Please note that SiriusXM does not use the letters 'I,' 'O,' 'S' or 'F' in radio IDs.
3. Tune your XM radio to channel '1.'
4. Log onto the internet and direct your browser to the SiriusXM website.
5. Place the pointer over the 'Help & Support' link on the top, right of SiriusXM's website, and click 'Refresh My Radio.'
6. Type your XM radio's ID in the text box labeled 'Radio ID (ESN or SID),' and click 'Send Activation Request.'
7. Wait approximately five minutes as your radio's signal refreshes. A message on the display alerts you when the refresh is complete -- the exact message varies, depending on the style of receiver.
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How to Reset the Brake Warning Light on a 2001 BMW 325Ci

Resetting the System
1. Sit in the front seat of your 2001 BMW 325Ci. Keep the driver's door open.
2. Insert your keys into the ignition.Turn your keys two clicks clockwise to the number '2' position to turn your BMW 325Ci's system on without starting the engine.
3. Keep your keys in position '2.' Wait 30 seconds to allow your dash lighting system and vehicle computer to adjust. Press your foot on the brake pedal.
4. Turn your BMW 325Ci off so that the system can register repairs that have occurred since your brake warning light first appeared.
5. Turn your keys all the way clockwise in the ignition to restart your 2001 BMW 325Ci. View your dashboard lighting system. Check to make sure the brake warning light is off to ensure that your system is reset.
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How to Tell If an Audi Has Servotronic

1. Open the driver's door and locate the fuse panel on the left side of the dashboard.
2. Insert the flat screwdriver into the small slit on the fuse panel and pry it loose.
3. Look inside the fuse panel, behind the fuse box, for the Servotronic module. It will be marked with a '638' stamp or 'Servotronic' marking. If the module is not there, then your Audi does not have Servotronic.
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How to Replace the Alternator in a Mercedes Benz

1. Examine the drive belt configuration. The Mercedes Benz line of vehicles uses a serpentine belt (one long belt) to power the alternator and a series of other electrical components. Note the orientation of the belt. There is a belt diagram on the underside of the hood and on the frame of the Benz next to the hood latch (on some models).
2. Release tension on the alternator belt. Turn the center tension pulley clockwise with a socket wrench. This will create slack in the belt.
3. Slide the belt off the alternator. You will need to remove the belt from all of the other components on the system as well.
4. Remove the electrical connector on the back of the alternator.
5. Remove the top and bottom alternator mounting bolts and slide the alternator out of the engine bay.
6. Install the new alternator. Installation is the reverse of the removal process. When installing the belt, it is best to use a new one. They're relatively inexpensive for the Benz and by the time an alternator needs to be replaced, the belt is usually worn to the point where it will likely need to be replaced soon as well. Make sure that the belt sits directly in the center of the pulley, and that the teeth on the belt sit in the pulley's grooves. Route the belt according to the belt path on the underside of the hood.
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How to Reset a Fuel Gauge

1. Turn the ignition switch to the 'On' position.
2. Press the 'Odo/Trip' button until the odometer is put into 'ODO' mode.
3. Turn off the ignition.
4. Press and hold the 'Odo/Trip' button. Turn the ignition switch to the 'On' position. Hold the 'Odo/Trip' button for two seconds. Release the 'Odo/Trip' button and then immediately press it again, release it, press it, release it and then press it and hold it. Hold the button until the leveling information is displayed on the odometer, about five seconds.
5. Release the 'Odo/Trip' button.
6. Press and hold the 'Odo/Trip' button until the odometer display reads '1', which indicates the reset process has begun.
7. Release the 'Odo/Trip' button when the reset process is complete, which is indicated when the odometer display returns to normal.
8. Turn off the ignition.
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How to Charge a Cold Car Battery

1. Remove the drained battery from your vehicle. You'll need to use the correct size wrenches to loosen the terminals and remove any shields or brackets that are holding the battery in place.
2. Place the battery in a well-ventilated environment where the battery can slowly warm above freezing. Do not place the battery near open fire or heat. Remember, you'll have to use your battery charger, so a nearby electrical outlet and/or extension cord will be necessary.
3. Check the battery for physical damage after you've allowed it warm up. If it's a standard-duty battery, remove the caps and check the water level. Add distilled water if necessary; just enough to fill the bottom of the refill holes. Once you've made sure the battery is full of water and is undamaged, you can proceed with recharging it.
4. Check your battery charger to make sure all switches are off. You can also check to make sure it is set to 12 volts. Then hook the positive clamp of the charger to the positive post on your drained battery. Hook the negative clamp to the negative post in the same manner.
5. Plug your battery charger into a nearby electrical outlet, using an extension cord if necessary.
6. Adjust the settings on your battery charger, if any. Some chargers allow you to set the amp-rate at which the battery charges. The higher the amps, the faster your drained battery will recharge. Some chargers also have a timer. Set the charger according to your wishes and turn the power on. Charging times will vary, so check on the battery often.
7. Unplug the charger once the battery has a complete charge. Turn the switch off and unhook the negative clamp, then the positive clamp.
8. Place the battery back into your vehicle, making sure you fasten the terminals securely to the battery posts. Replace all shields and brackets and start your vehicle.
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Mercedes Benz C230 Won#039;t Start

1. Add 1 gallon of gas to your C230 and then turn the key in the ignition on and off a couple of times while you are pumping the C230's gas pedal. This will engage the car's fuel pump.
2. Turn the ignition and listen for a clicking noise. Have a mechanic check the starter if you hear a clicking noise
3. Turn the ignition over without starting the car. Check the electrical lights in your car's dashboard. If the lights do not come on or the lights are really dim, the battery needs to be charged or replaced.
4. Jump start the C230 with another car and a pair of jumper cables. Allow the car to run for about 5 minutes and then turn it off. Try to restart the car. If the car will not turn back on, you need to replace the battery.
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How to Change a BMW Door Handle

1. Remove the plastic cap that conceals the screw that holds the housing to the door panel. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the cap off.
2. Remove the screw that holds the door handle housing to the door panel with a screwdriver. The housing should now come loose.
3. Pull the housing gently away from the door panel. The door handle will still be connected to the release cable, so only pull it as far as the cable will allow you to.
4. Disconnect the door release cable with a pair of long needle nose pliers. The cable is fastened with a hook that needs to be wiggled and pulled off of the large metal hook on the door handle. You should now be able to remove the door handle and housing from the door panel and set it aside.
5. Install the new assembly by hooking the door release cable over the hook on the new door handle assembly. It will help to turn the housing 180-degrees (upside down) and hook the cable on. Once the cable is hooked on, turn the assembly back around, being careful not to scratch the leather.
6. Place the housing partially back in the door panel. Place the cable in the guide groove of the housing. This cable must be installed in the groove in order for the door to open. Push the door handle into place in the door panel.
7. Reinstall the screw that holds the door handle housing to the door panel. Reinstall the plastic cover that conceals the screw. Test the door handle to ensure that it is working correctly.
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How to Connect to a 745i With an iPhone

1. Turn on your iPhone and turn on Bluetooth by selecting 'Settings > General > Bluetooth' and switching the toggle to 'ON.' This will allow you to make phone calls using the phone icon on your 745i's steering wheel.
2. Connect your iPhone to the USB port located at the left of your 745i's glove compartment using the iPhone USB cord.
3. Push down the iDrive control wheel at the center of your console to activate the iDrive display to the right of your steering wheel. Your iPhone's playlists and artists will be displayed on the screen.
4. Use the iDrive control wheel or the steering wheel's arrow buttons to scroll through playlists, artists and tracks. Tap the phone button on the steering wheel and use the iDrive control wheel to scroll through contacts and make phone calls.
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How to Replace an Oil Pan Gasket in a Mercedes Benz E320

1. Remove the oil pan from underneath the engine. Wash the pan and bolts with soap and water to remove any oil residue. Dry both the pan and bolts completely with a rag before moving on to the next step.
2. Line the gasket ridge and bolt holes on top of the drain pan with a rubber sealant. Arrange the gasket on top of the pan by lining up the bolt holes. Press the gasket down firmly. Place the bolts in the holes to hold the gasket in place and to ensure they go through easily.
3. Allow the pan and gasket to dry for at least 30 minutes before reattaching it to the transmission casing.
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How to Turn on Sirius Satellite Radio

1. Load the Sirius Satellite Radio activation page, located at Alternatively, you can call the Sirius customer service hotline at (888) 539-7474.
2. Power on your satellite radio and tune it to channel 184.
3. Click the 'Activate Now' button on the Sirius activation website. Be certain to take note of your Sirius receiver's Electronic Serial Number (ESN) before starting the activation process.
4. Click the 'Get Started' link under the Create a New Account heading.
5. Enter the ESN in the appropriate field, and type the promo code for your account, if you have one. Select where you are activating the radio, and type the security code shown in the verification image. Click 'Next' after providing this information.
6. Create a username and password for your Sirius account on the Account Login page. Click 'Next.'
7. Provide the contact information, including address and phone number, for the account holder, and click the 'Next' button after providing this information.
8. Enter your gift card number if you are paying for the full subscription or a portion of it using a Sirius gift card. Click 'Next' after providing the gift card number, if applicable.
9. Select the Sirius radio package you want to turn on. Sirius offers a range of packages, including Sirius Everything, which includes all Sirius channels, Sirius with the Best of XM, which adds popular XM channels to your receiver, and even special interest packages where you can choose up to 50 channels to include with your subscription. Click 'Next' after selecting a package.
10. Provide billing information, including a credit card number, to configure automatically recurring payments. Click 'Next.'
11. Review your new account details and click the 'Activate' button to turn on Sirius Satellite Radio. Ensure that your radio is tuned to channel 184.
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How to Change Oil on Car Ramps

1. Place the car ramps on a firm, level surface in front of the car. Line the ramps up to the same width as the front tires on the car.
2. Carefully drive the vehicle up onto the ramps, stopping on the flat section at the top. A second person to help guide you up can be helpful, but is not required.
3. Place wheel chocks or a block of wood behind the rear wheels of the car to keep it from rolling.
4. Open the hood of the car and remove the oil fill cap on the engine. Setting it on the top of the engine will remind you that you have not refilled the oil. Do not put the cap back on until you do so.
5. Place an oil drain pan under the oil pan drain plug and carefully remove the plug using an appropriately sized socket and ratchet. You may need SAE or metric sockets depending on the make and model of the car. The best way to find out what size you need is to check a repair manual for your car or try a few different ones until you find one that fits.
6. Allow the oil to drain into the drain pan. It won't take too long to drain. The average car holds 4 to 5 quarts of oil.
7. Locate the oil filter on the engine block. You will need to decide what kind of filter wrench you want to use, but band clamp filter wrenches are typically very effective.
8. Place the oil pan drain plug back into the pan and tighten it until it is just snug. Move your drain pan under the oil filter and remove the filter. Turn the filter upside down and set it into the pan for now.
9. Open one quart of the new oil you will be using. Wipe a small amount of the fresh oil onto the filter gasket of the new filter. This will help it seal and keep it from sticking when you are ready to change it again.
10. Pour the contents of the quart of oil into the top of the oil filter until it is full. Filling the filter reduces the stress of the oil pump and engine when you first start it after a complete oil change.
11. Screw the filter into place on the engine by hand. Do not use a wrench on the new filter. It will seal fine being hand tightened. Over-tightening will make it hard to get off at the next oil change.
12. Fill the engine with the remaining oil but do not overfill it. If you are not sure what the oil capacity of your motor is, check your owner's manual or shop manual. You can also add a quart at a time and then check the dipstick to monitor your progress.
13. Replace the oil fill cap and check under the car for any leaks. Tighten anything that is leaking before taking the car off the ramps.
14. Close the hood and remove the wheel chocks. Slowly back the car off the ramps and dispose of the waste oil and old filter.
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How to Change Brakes on a Mercedes C280

1. Park your car and turn off the engine. Elevate the car using a jack and support stands. The stands should be positioned under the pinch welds under the front doors.
2. Use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on a wheel, then remove them one by one.
3. Remove the caliper mounting bolts with a Torx wrench before taking the brake caliper from the rotor to disassemble the caliper assembly. Attach it to the coil springs with some zip ties. Take off the brake pads by striking them gently with a rubber mallet.
4. Use a C-clamp to push the caliper piston into the caliper. It should fold accordian-style back into the caliper housing. Place the new brake pads into the caliper. Reassemble the caliper assembly. Repeat the process on the other wheels.
5. Replace the wheels and lower your vehicle. Don't forget to tighten the lug nuts with the lug wrench.
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How to Change the Temperature in the BMW 325xi

1. Turn the dial located to the left of the 'Auto' button clockwise to increase the temperature on the driver side.
2. Turn the same dial counterclockwise to decrease the temperature on the driver side.
3. Turn the dial located to the right of the recirculated air button clockwise to increase the temperature on the passenger side.
4. Turn the same dial counterclockwise to decrease the temperature on the passenger side.
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How do I Get the 2008 Audi R8 in Midnight Club Los Angeles?

1. Sign up for a Rockstar Social Club account on the official website. Click 'Sign Up' and submit your personal information to create a free account. You can then begin to complete the following challenges.
2. Get $1,000,000 of cash in-game. This challenge requires the player to win enough street races to accumulate $1,000,000. Playing harder races yields more prize money when winning, and can speed up the process.
3. Drive 5,000 Miles in-game. This challenge simply requires the user to drive their cars in-game for a lengthy amount of time. Some users simply leave their game running while holding on the acceleration button to avoid sitting in front of the TV for excessive time.
4. Get 25 Consecutive Wins. From the title screen menu, select 'Arcade Mode'. The user must win 25 consecutive races in order to achieve this challenge.
5. Drive 10 Miles on Two Wheels. Press and hold on the 'B' button (Circle on PS3) and hold the Right Analog stick to the right or left to drive your car on two wheels. Continue this two-wheel driving for ten consecutive miles to achieve this challenge.
6. Drive a 15 mile wheelie on a motorcycle. Press and hold the 'B' button (Circle on PS3) and press the right analog stick downward to drive your motorcycle in a wheelie. Hold the wheelie for 15 consecutive miles to complete the challenge.
7. Cruise for 25 hours in-game. Simply drive your cars for 25 hours on the streets in-game. Races do not count as driving time for this challenge.
8. Total your car 5,000 times in-game. To complete the challenge, get into 5,000 accidents in-game by crashing at high speeds to wreck your car.
9. Jump 200 meters with your car or motorcycle. To achieve this challenge, drive your car or motorcycle off a large ramp that will give you a large jump distance.
10. Win 350 races in career mode. On the title screen menu, select 'Career' and complete 350 races against other drivers to complete the task.
11. Destroy 250 of your vehicles in-game. This task is very similar to the vehicle total challenge. Simply drive your car or motorcycle into the water or a gas tank to flood or explode your vehicle.
12. Hit 1,000 opponents while driving in-game. This challenge does not limit you to hitting opponents while just cruising on the street; you can also hit them during a race.
13. Hit 10,000 objects in-game. Drive your vehicle around the streets to hit various objects, such as mailboxes, bus stops and garbage cans.
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How to Set Up Bluetooth in a Mercedes

1. Press the 'Tel' key on your Mercedes radio or select the 'Phone' menu from your vehicle's navigation menu.
2. Select the 'Phone' button on the lower left corner of the screen.
3. Select 'Phone List,' 'Options' and 'External Authorization.' This places your Mercedes into pairing mode.
4. Go to your cell phone's Bluetooth menu and add a new device. This process will vary depending on the type of phone you're using. Refer to your phone's manual for specific instructions.
5. Select 'MB Bluetooth' as the device that you want to add to your phone.
6. Confirm on your Mercedes that you want to authorize your phone to be paired with your vehicle.
7. Enter a unique password from one to 16 digits. Mercedes recommends that your password be at least four digits long.
8. Enter the same password on your phone when prompted.
9. Select 'Yes' on your Mercedes when it says, 'Accept connection request from MB Bluetooth®?' This will complete the pairing process and you will be able to use your phone hands-free in your Mercedes.
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How to Draw a Three

1. Draw an equilateral triangle with one side of the triangle horizontal and at the top.
2. Draw an isosceles triangle directly on top of this equilateral triangle. An isosceles triangle is a triangle that has two equal sides. This will be the top point of your star.
3. Turn your paper to the right so the far right side of the equilateral triangle is a horizontal bar at the top. Draw an isosceles triangle at the top of this side, identical to the first one your drew.
4. Turn your paper to the right again so the final side of the equilateral triangle is a horizontal bar at the top of the paper. Draw another isosceles triangle on top of that, exactly the same size and shape as the previous ones you drew. You will now have a three-pointed star.
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How to Reset the Service Indicator Light on a Mercedes Benz GL450

1. Insert the key in the ignition. Move the ignition switch to position I.
2. Press the left or right menu button on the display until the mileage is displayed on the screen. The menu buttons are located directly above the display screen.
3. Press the 'Reset' button quickly three times. The reset button has an 'R' on it.
4. Press the up or down arrow until the service menu appears on the display.
5. Press the left or right button until 'Confirm' is selected on the screen.
6. Press the 'Reset' button once to reset the service indicator.
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How to Reset a Mercedes Key Fob

1. Put your key in the ignition of your Mercedes-Benz and push and hold the lock button while the key is in the ignition. Do not turn on your vehicle during this process and do not let go of the lock button.
2. Remove your car key from the ignition while you are still holding the lock button. Click the unlock button on the fob five times, still holding down the lock button.
3. Remove your finger from the lock button and your key should be reset. Test your key fob to ensure that it works.
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How do I Replace the Door Trim on an Audi 100 CS?

1. Open up the door of your Audi 100 CS which you will be removing the trim from.
2. Slide the trim stick in to the door frame. Pry the trim away from the door frame with the stick. Once it comes loose from the door, pull it completely away with your hands.
3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws which are attached to the door handle trim. Pull the trim away from the door.
4. Remove the mounting screws which fix the trim around the inside of the door panel and around the automatic window control. Pull them both from the door to complete the work.
5. Place the new door panel trim on to the door panel with your hands. Secure it on the connectors around the door and fix in place with screws using a screwdriver.
6. Place the door handle trim carefully around the edges of the door handle. Attach the screws to fix it firmly in place.
7. Carefully fix the trim around the outer door frame. Hook the trim around the connectors to secure it in place. Take care not to damage the window in any way. Press around the edges of the window with your hand to ensure it is fixed securely to the door.
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How to Replace the Oil Pan on a Mercedes 190e

1. Lift the front of the Mercedes 190e with a floor jack and place jack stands under the front axle on both sides of the car, then lower the vehicle to rest on the jack stands.
2. Locate where the exhaust pipe attaches to the engine and detach the pipe from the motor, using a socket wrench to unfasten the bolts.
3. Remove the air filter canister by undoing the bolt on the top with a socket wrench and taking the canister off the top of the engine.
4. Disconnect the linkage to the carburetor with a pair of pliers and move the linkage out of the way.
5. Unfasten the motor mounts of the engine, using a socket wrench to remove the bolts, then lift the engine up with a floor jack about 4 inches.
6. Place two wood blocks between the engine and the vehicle frame to hold the engine in place then lower the floor jack away from the engine.
7. Locate the oil pan drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan and place a drip pan underneath the drain plug.
8. Loosen the drain plug with a socket wrench and allow the oil to drain into the pan until it is completely empty.
9. Move the drain pan out of the way and unfasten the bolts on the oil pan with a socket wrench.
10. Pry the oil pan from the engine block with a screwdriver, moving the oil pan out from under the engine then use a putty knife to scrape off any excess gasket material from under the engine.
11. Place the new oil pan gasket on the lip of the new oil pan and slide the pan into position, attaching it with bolts to the bottom of the engine.
12. Lift the engine up with the floor jack, remove the wood blocks then lower the engine back into position over the engine mounts.
13. Secure the engine to the engine mounts, using a socket wrench to tighten the nuts then reattach the carburetor linkage.
14. Secure the air filter canister back into place and reattach the exhaust pipe to the engine.
15. Raise the vehicle up off the jack stands and remove the stands, lowering the car back onto the ground.
16. Locate the oil cap on the top of the intake manifold and take the cap off.
17. Fill the engine with five quarts of oil then place the cap back on the intake manifold.
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How to Pair Your Bluetooth Phone with Your BMW 3 Series, X3, X5, Z4, M3 and M Roadster

1. Start your BMW. It will automatically be in pairing mode for the 2 minutes after it is started.
2. Go to the connections menu in your Bluetooth enabled phone and select "search for devices"
3. You should see an ID appear on your phone that starts with BMW. Select this device ID.
4. Enter the passkey. Once prompted you will only have 20 seconds to complete the task.
5. Now check the radio display. It should indicate that the pairing process was successful. At this point your data will be downloaded into the cars system.
6. Confirm that your contacts have been loaded into the system and perform a test call.
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How do I Remove the Driver Door Mirror From a C32?

1. Open the driver's side door as far as it will go and locate the triangular cover secured to the inner door panel. The cover is located directly opposite to the spot where the mirror is attached on the outside of the door.
2. Pull the access cover off the inner door panel, using your fingers.
3. Pull the wiring harness out of the inner door and disconnect it.
4. Remove the three bolts that secure the mirror to the door frame, using a socket and ratchet.
5. Pull the mirror straight out from the door to remove it.
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How to Change the Fuel Filter on 2001 Passat

1. Park the Passat on a flat surface. Raise the rear with the floor jack and lower it securely onto jack stands. You can also drive the back tires up on ramps to gain access to the filter. Never work under a car when it is only supported by a floor jack.
2. Locate the skid panel that protects the underside of the car; it is on the driver's side at the back of the car. Remove the four nuts around the perimeter of the panel with a socket and a ratchet. Remove the Phillips screw in the middle of the panel. Set the panel out of the way.
3. Remove the two bolts that hold the bracket for the fuel filter. The filter is cylindrically shaped. Squeeze the bracket with your hand once the two bolts are removed to loosen and remove the bracket. The filter should fall free.
4. Squeeze the fuel line from the gas tank that goes into the filter with the vise grips to prevent fuel from spilling when it is removed. Loosen the hose clamps that hold the fuel lines to the filter on either side, one that comes from the tank on one side and one that comes out of the filter on the other side that goes to the engine. Depending on the type, the clamps may be loosened with a screwdriver or by squeezing them together with a pair of pliers.
5. Install the new filter with the arrow on the filter facing toward the engine. Slide the fuel lines onto the filter on either side and tighten the hose clamps. Reinstall the fuel filter bracket with the two bolts and the screw that hold it on. Reinstall the skid panel. Start the engine to make sure there are no leaks. Lower the car back to the ground or drive it down off the ramps.
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How Do I Fix a Water Pump on a 1992 BMW 325i?

1. Ensure that the engine is cold. Lift the front of the car with a floor jack and lower it onto a pair of jack stands. Turn the heater controller (or press the buttons if electronically controlled) to hot and turn the ignition key to the “On” position.
2. Place a container under the passenger side of the engine under the manifold. Loosen and remove the coolant drain plug, located in the block just below the manifold. Drain all of the coolant from the engine. Install and tighten the drain plug with a new sealing ring to 18 foot-pounds.
3. Move the coolant container under the radiator. Loosen and remove the plastic drain plug at the bottom of the radiator and drain the coolant. Reinstall the drain plug and tighten it to 2.2 foot-pounds. Do not over-tighten it.
4. Pry the cap off of the belt tensioner. Loosen the belt tensioner for the poly-ribbed belts with a socket or the appropriately sized Allen wrench. This may turn in either direction, depending on the type of tensioner, so loosen it in both directions to see how it loosens. Slide the belts around the fan, nearby components and out of the engine.
5. Remove the small plastic rivets that hold the fan frame to the radiator by prying them up and out very carefully with a screwdriver. Disconnect the coolant reservoir hose where it goes to the engine near the water pump. Disconnect the coolant overflow hose. Remove the fan, fan frame and coolant reservoir at the same time.
6. Remove the four small nuts that hold the fan pulley to the water pump with a socket and ratchet. Loosen and remove the four bolts that hold the water pump to the engine. Remove the water pump from the engine bay. Tap it lightly with a hammer if needed.
7. Clean the bore in the engine where the water pump installs so there is no debris. Clean it with a wire brush as well. Install the new water pump with a new O-ring. Place a layer of white lithium grease on the O-ring to ensure a good seal. Install the water pump and tighten the bolts to 8 foot-pounds. Bolt the fan pulley onto the new water pump.
8. Reinstall the fan, fan frame and coolant reservoir. Reinstall the plastic rivets that hold the fan frame to the radiator. Reinstall the belts. Tighten the belt tensioner.
9. Remove the small plastic bleed screw located to the right of the radiator cap. Place a funnel in the expansion tank and fill the cooling system very slowly with new coolant. Use 10 quarts for the 325. Continue filling until coolant comes out of the bleed screw. Fill until there are no air bubbles coming out with the coolant. Wipe up spilled coolant. Tighten the bleed screw to 71 foot-pounds. Run the engine and top up the coolant if necessary.
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How to Make a BMW 325i Faster

1. Use additives in the coolant. Certain products, such as wetting agents, will reduce the temperature of the coolant before it enters the engine and thus further decrease the temperature in the engine, allowing the car to run at higher horsepower.
2. Hire an auto professional to upgrade the spark plug wires on the car. The stock wires, while fine for normal day-to-day activities, are not meant for high performance. Performance spark plug wires help lower resistance within the engine, minimize electrical interference and allow the engine to put out more power.
3. Replace the air filter. An aftermarket product will block more engine heat and keep the engine cooler at all times, allowing the engine to run harder. As with the spark plug wires, hire an auto professional to do the upgrade.
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How to Replace BMW e30 Lower Control Arms and Control Arm Bushings

1. Begin by removing hubcaps (if equipped) and loosening lug bolts on both front wheels.
2. Jack the front of the car up and support both sides with jack stands.
3. Remove front wheels and set aside.
4. Remove the nut that holds the sway bar drop link to the control arm, as well as the two bolts that secure the rear control arm bushing brackets to the chassis.
5. Loosen the nut that holds the outer ball joint to the wheel hub. Followed by the inner ball joint nut. The two ball joints will most likely stick as they have a tapered surface. To release these surfaces either knock them down with a punch, or use a ball joint splitter tool.
6. Install the new control arms and torque the nuts fully.
7. The control arm bushings require a bit more work. First get the steel brackets from your old arms. If you cannot pull the bushing off the old control arm drill between the bushing and the stem of the control arm in several places and then twist the old bushing off.
8. Using a hacksaw cut through the steel ring of the old bushing being careful to not cut into the steel bracket. Remove the bushing from the bracket by bending the steel ring in on itself then using a hammer it is possible to knock the old bushing out of the bracket.
9. Align the marks on the bushings with those on the bracket and press into place using a shop press or a vice. This is difficult to do, and you might consider having a shop press the bushings into place for a nominal fee.Otherwise using a vice and some peices of scrap metal press until the bushing is centered in the bracket.
10. When installing the bushings you must work quickly, the bushings will begin to stick to the control arm, and the car should be fully assembled and sitting on its wheels when this occurs.To facilitate this heat the bushings in hot water, then remove the bushing lubricate it with laundry detergent and then push and wiggle it into place. This can be made easier by using a large gear puller to press the bushings into place. However it can be done manually, and I prefer to do so.
11. Once both bushings are in place and the brackets bolted into place reinstall both wheels and lower the car. Allow the car to sit for the bushings to stick in place.
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How to Set the Dash Gadgets in an Audi TT

1. Set the clock. Pull the adjuster button on the left side of the on-board computer screen towards you. Pull it until the date and time display appears. Turn the button to adjust the date and time.
2. Set a speed warning on the car. Press the adjuster button when you reach the desired speed on the speedometer. To clear the speed warning, press the button for at least one second while the vehicle is moving.
3. Set the seat heating for the driver and the passenger. The seat heating knobs are in the four-knob arrangement in the center console under the air vents, with the driver control being the knob closest to the driver and the passenger one the knob closest to the passenger.. Press the knob to turn on the heater. Turn the knob to adjust the temperature.
4. Set the cruise control. While driving press the button on the front of the left control stick containing the indicators when you reach the desired speed. Press the button on the end of the stick to store this speed. Press the brake pedal to switch off cruise control, or slide the front button to the left.
5. Set the drive mode. With the brake applied, move the gear stick to either 'P' for park, 'R' for reverse, 'D' for drive, or 'S' for sports driving. Press the throttle gently to move the car.
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How to Install an Oil Pan in an Audi

Removing the Oil Pan
1. Locate the oil pan underneath the motor. The vehicle may need to be raised up so you have room to work. Ensure you raise the vehicle on the opposite end of the drain plug located at the bottom of the drain pan.
2. Drain the engine oil into a drain pan by unscrewing the drain plug with a crescent wrench. Screw the drain plug back to the pan when the oil is finished draining. This will make the pan easier to remove when you unbolt it from the motor.
3. Unscrew all the bolts holding the pan in place. There will be up to 20 bolts holding the pan in place.
4. Pull the oil pan down when you remove the last bolt. If the pan is stubborn you can tap it with a rubber mallet to loosen the seal.
5. Clean the gasket material off the bottom of the motor with a razor scraper or a putty knife. You will need a clean surface for the new oil pan.
Installing the Oil Pan
6. Place the gasket on the oil pan. Ensure the bolt holes match up to the bolt holes on the pan.
7. Hold the pan to the motor and start tightening the bolts to hold it in place. Do not fully tighten any of the bolts until all the bolts are started.
8. Tighten all the bolts with a socket wrench. Ensure all the bolts are tight and there is no exposed bolt holes.
9. Open the hood to access the oil cap on the crankcase. Twist the cap off to add engine oil.
10. Lower the car from the jack. The car needs to be level to check the oil.
11. Add 4 quarts of engine oil to the motor. Check your oil level to ensure you are at proper operating levels. Add more oil if necessary. Do not overfill.
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How to Rebuild a Mercedes

1. Pop open the hood of your instrument cluster. Remove the bolt on the negative terminal clamp with a socket wrench. Lift the negative cable away from the terminal.
2. Enter your vehicle and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws which fix the cowl trim around the outside of the instrument cluster. Use your hands to pull the trim away from the dash and place to one side for reattachment later.
3. Locate and then remove the four screws which fix the instrument cluster into the dash. Use your hands to unhook the electrical connector attached to the rear of the cluster. Lift the instrument cluster from the dash and place on your work area.
4. Turn the bulbs in a counterclockwise direction with your hand until they come free from the cluster. Discard the broken bulbs in the trash. Insert the new bulbs in the cluster and attach by turning in a clockwise direction.
5. Reattach the electrical connector to the rear of the cluster. Slide the cluster back in to the dash. Connect the four screws in to the cluster to fix the cluster securely to the dash. Place the cowl trim over the instrument cluster and secure back in place. Lift the negative cable back on the battery terminal and secure in place with the clamp.
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How to Replace the Wheel Bearing on a BMW 528i

1. Loosen the five lug nuts on the wheel that has the faulty wheel bearings, using your lug nut driver. Attach a breaking bar to the driver if you need more leverage to loosen the lug nuts. Set the jack under the 528i near this wheel. Raise the car. Slide a jack stand under the 528i. Lower the BMW onto this jack stand. Finish removing the five lug nuts. Pull off the wheel.
2. Remove the two 14 mm bolts securing the caliper to the rotor. Cut a long strand of wire. Pull the caliper off the rotor. Hang the caliper from the strut or suspension coil with the wire so that it does not dangle and damage the hydraulic brake line.
3. Loosen and remove the central spindle nut with your 19 mm socket, ratchet and breaking bar.
4. Pull off the rotor with your hands. Tap the back of the rotor with a mallet if it is stuck.
5. Disconnect the ABS harness from the back of the wheel bearing hub.
6. Remove the three 14 mm bolts from the back of the steering knuckle to pull off the wheel bearing. If the wheel bearing is stuck, tap the back of it with your mallet. If it still doesn't move, pry it off with a chisel and mallet. Pull off the wheel bearing shield and the seal with your hands.
7. Clean the surface of the knuckle with medium-grit sandpaper. Lay grease over the mating surface of the knuckle. Set the new wheel bearing seal in the knuckle. Set the shield on the knuckle. Mount the new wheel bearing hub with the three 14 mm bolts you removed earlier. Connect the anti-lock brake connector to the new wheel bearing hub.
8. Replace the rotor, caliper and spindle nut. Replace the wheel. Lower the 528i.
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How to Register Your BMW for Service

1. Contact your local BMW dealer by telephone or email. Register your car for service by arranging a mutually convenient time.
2. Alternatively, go to the BMW website. Click on 'Owners' at the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on 'BMW Center Services' located on the left-hand side of the page. Wait for the new page to open.
3. Scroll down the page and click on 'Learn More' located under 'The BMW Difference.' Wait for the next page to load.
4. Click on 'Web Scheduling' and 'Locate a BMW Center for Details.' Wait for the next page to load. Enter your 'ZIP code, State' or nearest 'BMW Center' in the options provided. Scroll down the list of BMW dealers provided, and click on a dealer website of your choice. Wait for the dealer website to load.
5. Click on 'Service and Parts,' which is usually located at the top of the page. Register you car for a service by either clicking on 'Schedule Service' if it opens in the drop-down menu, or calling the BMW service department at the number provided.
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How to Replace Your BMW Steering Wheel Emblem

1. Obtain a replacement emblem of the same or similar material as the old one. This is so if the air bag deploys, it will break the seal and cause less harm to the driver. Do not try to remove the original emblem. Even if it is damaged or scratched, you wont be able to remove it without replacing the air bag as well.
2. Apply an adhesive to the back of the replacement emblem.
3. Align and place the replacement emblem over the old one. Hold it for a few minutes to make sure it sticks properly.
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How Do I Compare 1991 Mercedes Benz 300 and 350 Models?

1. Go to the Edmunds website to start your specification comparisons. Choose 'Used Cars' from the home page and input the correct year, make and model. Choose the 350 series level you want to compare.
2. Choose the level of the 300 class that you want to compare to the 350 series--three different engine options are available. The most similar levels are the 350SE and 300SL because of similarly sized engine. Both are also rear-wheel drive.
3. Change back and forth between 350-class sedans during your comparisons. Click 'Specs' from the left menu to view any model dimensions. Compare exterior and interior dimensions for both vehicles to determine which has more room or which weighs more.
4. Compare horsepower and torque for both classes. One has more torque than the other but less horsepower--it may prove worthwhile to drive both vehicles to compare acceleration.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to compare fuel economy. The 350-class is a turbodiesel, so better gas mileage is not unusual. Not even the four-cylinder 300-class can achieve the same gas mileage as the turbodiesel 350-class.
6. Click 'Available Features' from the left menu to compare standard and optional features. Compare engines, transmissions, luxury and standard safety features.
7. Click on 'Resale values' to view dealer retail, trade-in and private-sale values to see which class retains its value better.
8. Test-drive both vehicles, if possible. Even though you are able to compare specifications online, a test drive helps to complete your comparisons so you can better assess each vehicle.
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How to Repair an Audi V8

1. Open your Audi's hood to reveal the V8 engine, then remove the plastic screws that secure the engine cover to the engine by using your philips head screwdriver.
2. Locate the square-shaped coil packs that line each edge of your engine. The coil packs are situated above each engine cylinder and will be found in two rows of four coil packs. These provide spark to the spark plugs, which in turn combust the air and fuel mixture inside each cylinder chamber to generate horsepower.
3. Using your metric socket set, loosen the screws that secure the coil packs to the engine. To fix any issues with your Audi V8, a failing coil pack could be at the center of the problem.
4. Pull up each coil pack individually with your hands while the engine is idling and check to see if it is sparking.
5. Replace any coil packs that are not sparking to help repair this issue with your Audi V8. If a coil pack, or set of them, is failing, then they will not be sparking when they are removed. Failed coil packs can stop the engine from running, may cause a rough idle, or cause the check engine light to flash.
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How Do I Install a Windshield on a Mercedes

1. Use a sharp blade to cut the rubber trim from around the edges of the windshield. Make an incision in the rubber at the top of the shield then cut in a clockwise direction to remove all of the trim. Take care not to scratch the windshield with the blade.
2. Enter the vehicle and push the windshield out from the inside. Have someone on hand to help lift the windshield out of the frame.
3. Place a thin layer of windshield sealant around the edges of the windshield. Attach a new gasket to the bottom of the windshield. The gasket should be lined up at dead center with the slit on the outside of the windshield and the heavy part on the inside.
4. Tie a nylon cord around the outer groove of the windshield. This will help seal the rubber lip in place once you lift the windshield on to the frame.
5. Lift the windshield in to the frame of the Benz. Have someone press the windshield against the frame for a few minutes to allow a seal to set in place. Pull the nylon cord across the bottom of the windshield from inside the vehicle to set the rubber lip in place.
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How to Change an Oil Dipstick

1. Purchase the appropriate replacement dipstick for your vehicle. You can acquire a factory replacement at your nearest dealer, or an aftermarket equivalent at any auto parts store.
2. Turn your engine off and open the hood. Put on your gloves, then remove the old dipstick from your engine. If the handle is broken, use a pair of pliers to carefully pull it out.
3. Insert the new dipstick into the dipstick funnel. Close the hood.
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How to Change BMW Rotors

1. Make sure the vehicle is parked on a flat level surface. Ensure that the car is in gear or in Park. Use a lug wrench to loosen the lug bolts for the wheels. Raise the car with a floor jack and lower it onto jack stands at all four corners. The jacking points will differ depending on the model of BMW that you are working on. Consult your owner's manual for the proper jacking points. Remove the wheels and set them aside.
2. Clean the brake rotor, the caliper and any nearby parts with brake cleaner and a clean, dry rag, ensuring that there is no oil or residue on the brake parts. Loosen the two large bolts that hold the caliper to the carrier. These are located on the upper and lower part of the caliper facing the wheel arch. On most newer BMWs these bolts are Torx-shaped bolts that are removed with a star-shaped bit. Some older models use a normal bolt. Slide the caliper off of the rotor and support it with a piece of wire or on a platform while you work to avoid damaging the soft brake line.
3. Remove the two bolts that hold the caliper bracket on. These are located on the top and bottom of the bracket facing the wheel arch. Set the bracket aside. Remove the set screw that holds the rotor on. If it is frozen and will not loosen easily, spray penetrating fluid on it and let it soak in. The set screw is removed with a small Allen bit on BMWs. Make sure you use the properly sized tool to avoid stripping the screw. Pull the rotor straight off of the hub, tapping it from behind if needed to free it. Spray the hub mounting surface with brake cleaner and wipe it down.
4. Clean the new rotor with brake cleaner and a clean rag. Avoid touching it with your bare hands. Slide it onto the hub and reinstall the set screw. Tighten the set screw firmly. Bolt the caliper carrier back on and tighten the bolts. On most BMWs, the outer brake pad fastens to the slots in the caliper carrier and the other one clips into the piston in the caliper. If they have fallen out, reinstall them and slide the caliper and brake pads over the rotor. Tighten the bolts that hold the caliper on. Repeat the above steps for the other three corners of your BMW. Replace the wheels and lower the car to the ground. Pump the brakes until the pedal feels firm.
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How to Install a Mercedes E430 Cabin Filter

1. Open the glove compartment.
2. Remove the two screws on the bottom of the glove compartment. Remove the two screws on the top of the glove compartment.
3. Pull the glove compartment toward the rear of the E430 to remove it.
4. Pull up and out on the cabin filter access door to remove it.
5. Grasp the filter that is in the opening. Pull the filter straight out to remove.
6. Slide the second filter to the left and pull it straight out.
7. Insert the first new filter into the opening. Slide the filter to the right to make room for the second one.
8. Insert the second new filter into the opening.
9. Replace the cabin filter access door. Press on the door until it snaps into place.
10. Reinsert the glove compartment in the dash. Reattach the four screws that hold the glove compartment in place.
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How to Synchronize the Key for a Mercedes V220

1. Locate the remote transmitter in the back of your car's trunk, underneath the trim and behind the back seat.
2. Press the white programming button on the system and wait for the light on the system to begin flashing.
3. Press any button on your remote and wait for the light on the transmitter to stop flashing to complete the programming.
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How to Install a Car Windshield

1. Remove the screws holding the rearview mirror onto the windshield. The retaining block and mirror should slide out easily. Lift up and remove the windshield wipers.
2. Inspect the gasket that surrounds the windshield. It should be replaced if it is cracked or brittle. If you are replacing the gasket, you can simply cut out the windshield. Insert your knife in the middle of the rubber gasket, but do not scrape against the glass. Slice the rubber all the way around and push the windshield out from inside the car.
3. If you will be keeping the existing gasket, use a wooden stick to break the seal. Run the stick around the gasket where it hits the car's frame. Push gently on the windshield from inside the car with your foot. Use the stick to push under the inside lip at the top of the windshield opening. Have a friend sit on top of the car to catch the windshield when it pops out of the seal.
4. Apply a small amount of sealant on the bottom half of the rubber gasket and place it around the new windshield. The slotted side should be facing the outside with the heavier side on the inside.
5. Coat the outer groove of the windshield opening with petroleum jelly to make it easier to push in the windshield. Set the new windshield into the opening and push around the perimeter until it is securely seated. Use a rubber hammer to gently tap the windshield into place if necessary. Wipe off any excess petroleum jelly and sealant from the car's frame and replace the windshield wipers and rearview mirror.
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How to Change an Onboard Computer to English in a BMW E36

1. Insert the key in the ignition and turn it forward two clicks to turn on the car's electrical equipment.
2. Locate the onboard computer in the bottom center of the dashboard. It has one large display screen, one small display screen and 18 keys.
3. Press and hold the key marked '1000' and the key marked '10' simultaneously until the phrase TEST-NR appears in the large display screen.
4. Press the key marked '10' once and the key marked '1' nine times until the numeral 19 appears on the large display screen.
5. Press the key marked 'SET/RES' once until the phrase 'LOCK: ON' appears on the large display screen. You must now calculate and enter a date-specific unlocking code.
6. Calculate the unlocking code by adding the numerical number of the current month, plus the day of the month. For example, if you are entering the code on June 4, the code to enter is 10.
7. Enter the date-specific unlocking code you have calculated by pressing the keys marked '10' and '1' until the proper number appears on the large display screen. Press the 'SET/RES' key once. The onboard computer is now unlocked and the large display screen should again display the phrase 'TEST-NR.'
8. Press the key marked '10' once and then press the 'SET/RES' key once.
9. Press the key marked '1' until the large display screen reads 'LAND: 2 USA' and then press the 'SET/RES' key once. The display will now be changed to English. Press the key marked 'CHECK' once to exit the system.
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How to Change an A4 Headlight

1. Turn off the A4's engine and engage the parking brake.
2. Raise the hood of the A4 and remove the plastic cover over the power steering reservoir, if replacing the headlight on the driver's side. If replacing the passenger's side headlight, remove the air intake tube that runs from the grill to the intake box by removing the two screws holding the intake tube in place. Remove the engine compartment trim panel for models manufactured after 2007.
3. Remove the four screws holding the headlight assembly in place--you will find two located at the front of the headlight and two at the back. This will loosen the headlight assembly.
4. Unplug the harness and pop off the wire loom attached to the assembly. Lift the assembly out of the vehicle.
5. Unclip the back cover on the headlight assembly and pull out the old H7 bulb. Use a clean cloth to install the new H7 bulb. Do not touch the glass portion of the bulb and do not use anything other than an H7 bulb.
6. Place the assembly back into the engine compartment of the A4 and reattach wiring harness and wire loom. Reinstall the four screws and place the power steering reservoir over (or place the air intake tube back into the vehicle). Close the hood.
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How to Remove an Audi TT CD Changer

1. Put both European release keys into the slots, at both sides of the CD stereo. Each key is designed with two ends that fit into two slots. There are four slots on the stereo, two slots for each key.
2. Pull out both European release keys towards you to unlock the CD stereo and pull out the CD stereo from the Audi's center console.
3. Pull the aerial and ISO wiring out from the back of the Audi's CD stereo.
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How to Remove the Water Pump on a Mercedes 300CE

1. Park your Mercedes on a flat area and let the engine cool for at least an hour before working on the vehicle. Open the hood and locate the serpentine belt routing diagram on the locking latch atop the radiator and fan. Use this diagram to find the serpentine belt tensioner pulley that needs to be released to remove the serpentine belt attached to the water pump.
2. Slot a socket plus the ratchet over the end of the bolt sticking out of the tensioner pulley. Rotate the bolt counterclockwise to loosen tension on the belt. Slide the belt off the tensioner pulley and allow it to return to its original position. Remove the belt from the water pump.
3. Place the drain pan under the plug on the bottom side of the radiator. Take the cap off the radiator as well as the overflow reservoir. Open the drain plug to drain the coolant out of the radiator. Replace the plug once it has finished draining.
4. Remove the hose from the top of the water pump. Loosen the hose clamp with a screwdriver. Detach the battery cables with a wrench. Remove the fan blade with a wrench or socket and detach the mounting brackets for the water pump in the same fashion. Remove the water pump from the engine block. Pry it loose with a screwdriver if it is stuck on.
5. Clean the engine block of debris from the old gasket. Mount the new gasket on the face of the new water pump. Set the pump against the engine block in the same place as the old one and mount it with the corresponding bolts. Reattach the fan blade and the radiator hose. Reconnect the battery cables. Slide the serpentine belt back over the water pump pulley and release the tension on the tensioner pulley to slide the belt back over the adjustor. Release the tension on the pulley and let the belt tighten. Remove your tools and close the hood of your 300CE.
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How to Tune a BMW Series 5

Performance Air Intake
1. Unhook the air filter casing from the engine, located on the driver side of the vehicle. A performance intake upgrade will free up horsepower and improve fuel efficiency, and the new air filter can be removed and cleaned periodically for reuse.
2. Lift the old filter out of the casing slowly, making sure dirt and debris does not spill onto the engine bay.
3. Remove any dirt or debris that fell into the intake system carefully.
4. Install the new, aftermarket air filter just as the old one was positioned. Fasten the hardware back into place as necessary.
5. Leave air filter casing off of vehicle to expose filter to more air, ultimately leading to maximum power gain. Regularly monitor the air filter and clean annually.
Oil and Oil Filter
6. Jack each front wheel off of the ground to gain access to the oil pan and filter. Once each side has been lifted, place a jack stand behind the wheel and lower the vehicle down until it rests firmly on the stand. Change engine oil once every 3,000 miles to optimize engine performance.
7. Put the oil recyling container under the oil pan and remove the plug. Let all of the oil drain from the pan and replace the plug when finished.
8. Turn the oil filter counter-clockwise with an adjustable wrench to remove.
9. Add motor oil to the new filter until it is 2/3 full. Use your hand and turn the filter clockwise into position until completely tight.
10. Pour new motor oil into the engine's oil compartment with the provided funnel. Check the dipstick to measure the levels of the oil, simply adding more if needed.
Distributor Cap and Rotor
11. Remove the black cap that protects the distributor of the BMW 5-Series. Both of these are located at the front of the engine, and not hard to locate. Unbolt the distributor from its location and set aside.
12. Unscrew the bolts holding the rotor in place. Pull off this shield and inspect the O-ring inside. Replace if necessary.
13. Tug on the spark plug wires from the boot with the provided wire pullers. Connect each wire lead to the corresponding position on the new distributor. Position new distributor into place and put dust shield back on top.
14. Bolt new rotor into place using the old hardware. Fasten the distributor cap back into place using the provided hardware.
15. Jack each side of the vehicle off of the jack stands and lower the car.
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How to Reset the Service Message on an E320

1. Turn the ignition switch to 'On' without starting the engine.
2. Press and release the '0' button on the left side of the instrument cluster twice immediately after turning the ignition on.
3. Turn the ignition off.
4. Press and hold the '0' button.
5. Turn the ignition on.
6. Release the '0' button after the service message resets. Turn the ignition off.
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How to Replace a Battery in a Mercedes ML430

1. Pop the hood. Locate the battery at the rear of the engine bay. Push down the black tab on the top of the battery with your thumb, then pull it out of the strap. Press down on the metal strap to unhook it at the base of the battery tray.
2. Pull off the rubber strip around the perimeter of the battery. Unbolt the guard at the base of the positive terminal using a 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.
3. Locate the battery surround, which is the steel tray running around the perimeter of the battery. Push down on the battery surround using your hands, then lift it up and out of the engine compartment. Unbolt the battery terminals from the battery using an open-end wrench. Lift the battery out.
4. Set the replacement battery in the engine compartment. Reconnect the battery terminals with an open-end wrench, starting with the positive terminal, then finishing with the negative. Push the battery tray back into the engine compartment. Slide the black tab that you removed in Step 1 back under the battery tie down. Push the rubber molding back onto the tray.
5. Push the metal strap that goes over the battery down to hook it into the chassis. Slide the black rubber stopper back under the strap so it looks like it did in Step 1.
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How to Change Flat BMW Tires

1. Place the lug nut wrench on each lug nut one at a time. Apply counterclockwise, downward force with your foot to loosen each lug nut. BMW wheels generally each have five lug nuts. Loosen the lug nuts before jacking the car up so that the wheel does not spin while suspended in the air.
2. Place the jack under the chassis of the BMW closest to the tire that needs to be replaced. The jack should be placed on a hard, even surface so that it holds the car up sturdy enough for the tire to be replaced.
3. Jack the car up so that it is suspended 6 to 8 inches off the ground.
4. Remove the lug nuts and place them on the side to be used later on once the new tire is in place.
5. Remove the new tire from the trunk or underneath the vehicle as stated in the BMW owner's manual for that model. Place the flat tire in the trunk.
6. Place the new tire on the BMW and screw in the lug nuts by hand so that they hold the wheel in place while the car is jacked down. Jack the car down and place the jack back in the designated area of the vehicle.
7. Tighten the lug nuts using the lug nut wrench. Place the wrench back in the designated area of the vehicle. Drive to the nearest service station to have the flat tire repaired.
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How to Upgrade the Performance of an Audi RS4

1. Perform a full vehicle tune-up (including changing all critical fluids, such as oil, coolant, transmission fluid and replacing the spark plugs/ wires). Before modifying the RS4 for additional power, make sure it is in peak running condition; tuning the engine to increase output will undoubtedly place more stress on several components, causing faulty or worn out parts to fail.
2. Install a high-flow intake. This can range from a sinple drop-in air filter upgrade, to an entire cold air system, which replaces the factory induction piping. This allows the engine to breathe better for faster turbo spool up, and more power and torque at high engine speeds.
3. Add an aftermarket exhaust. The factory exhaust system, although quite capable, is designed to meet stringent noise and emissions levels, installing larger diameter exhaust piping will reduce back pressure and liberate more ponies throughout the RPM band.
4. Install a custom ECU. Now that the critical intake and exhaust systems are upgraded, its time to maximize performance. The ECU can be reprogrammed or replaced to provide custom fuel and timing maps. This not only dramatically increases horsepower, but also ensure a smooth running vehicle with proper idle and engine speed limits.
5. Tune your RS4 on a 4 wheel drive Dyno. In addition to measuring vehicle horsepower over the entire power-band, it provides a safe environment to adjust various settings such as fuel pressure, boost levels and will further tweak power delivery on both pump gas and racing fuel (if desired).
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How to Install a Thermostat on a BMW 323ic

1. Remove the radiator hose from the thermostat housing by loosening the retaining clip that secures the hose onto the housing with the screwdriver. Pull the hose off the thermostat housing and hold it vertical so the antifreeze goes back into the radiator. Push the hose off to the side to make accessing the thermostat housing easier.
2. Remove the 10 mm bolts that hold the thermostat housing onto the intake manifold of the BMW with the wrench and then pull the thermostat housing off the intake manifold.
3. Remove the old thermostat and then place the new one into the intake manifold. The thermostat sits on a machined lip that is located below the level of antifreeze. The thermostat should be properly seated to ensure it works correctly.
4. Pull the old thermostat gasket off the intake manifold and place a bead of RTV gasket sealer in its place on the intake manifold. Place the paper thermostat gasket on top of the RTV gasket sealer. Place a small amount of RTV gasket sealer on the bottom of the thermostat housing and then bolt the housing back into place.
5. Place the radiator hose back onto the thermostat housing and secure the retaining clip into place.
6. Start the engine and allow it to warm up. Inspect for leaks where the thermostat housing is bolted to the intake manifold and where the radiator hose connects to the housing. If the radiator hose leaks, replace the retaining clip with a band clamp. If the area where the housing and the manifold bolts together leaks, tighten the housing bolts more.
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How to Replace a Water Pump in a Mercedes

1. Take the cap off of the Mercedes radiator and also off the coolant overflow reservoir. Place a drain pan underneath the drain plug of the radiator located on the bottom of the radiator.
2. Open the drain plug with an open end wrench and allow the coolant to drain until the radiator is completely empty. Once it is drained, close the drain plug.
3. Detach the hose at the top of the water pump that runs to the radiator by undoing the hose clamp with a screwdriver.
4. Undo the negative battery cable from the battery post with an open end wrench and place the cable out of the way, taking care not to touch any metal parts with the end of the cable.
5. Unplug the electrical connector that is attached to the fan blade and unbolt the fan blade from the front of the water pump with an open end wrench. Remove the fan blade from the engine compartment.
6. Remove the fan belt by using a socket wrench to loosen the pulley that is holding the belt on. Detach the water pump from the engine by using a socket wrench to take off the bolts. Once the bolts are out, use a screwdriver as a pry tool to dislodge the water pump from the engine block.
7. Scrape the face of the engine block where the water pump is attached with a putty knife to remove any remaining gasket material or debris. Use a piece of emery cloth to finish cleaning the surface of the engine block and prepare it for the new water pump.
8. Spread a layer of gasket seal around the face of the new water pump and lay the cardboard material gasket that is provided with the new pump over the face of the water pump. Attach the water pump to the engine block and secure it with bolts.
9. Reattach the belt around the fan pulley and tighten the belt by pulling back on the pulley as you tighten the bolts that hold it onto the engine. Place the fan blades back on the front of the water pump and attach the blades with bolts.
10. Put the radiator hose back on the top of the Mercedes water pump inlet valve and attach with a screw clamp.
11. Secure the negative battery cable to the battery and then fill the coolant overflow reservoir half full with coolant and place the cap back on the reservoir.
12. Fill the radiator with coolant and water and put the cap back on the radiator.
13. Remove the drain pan from underneath the radiator drain plug and dispose of the drained coolant at your local recycling center or automotive supply center. Start the motor to allow the water to begin cycling through the water pump. Then verify that there are no leaks around the water pump. When you are satisfied, turn the motor off.
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How to Replace the Ignition Lock Cylinder of a 1997 Audi Cabriolet

1. Insert your key into the ignition slot and leave it in the 'Off' position.
2. Insert the paperclip into the slot just to the side of the key slot, and then turn your key to the 'Acc' position. The clip will keep the key from starting the car, and the key is then used to unlock the cylinder.
3. Pull on the key and the clip to remove the cylinder, and then place the old one down. Remove the key and then the paperclip.
4. Insert your key into the ignition slot of the new cylinder, and then push it into the place of the old one.
5. Insert the paperclip into the new cylinder once in place, and then turn the key to 'Acc' again to lock the cylinder into place.
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How do I Work the Sat Nav on an Audi A8?

1. Press the 'NAV' button on your Audi's main console.
2. Press the 'Destination' button on the display screen.
3. Turn the control knob to highlight 'Address' and press the knob to select it.
4. Select 'City/Zip' and enter the city for your destination. You can use the control knob to select letters and spell out your destination or use the touch pad to write out your destination.
5. Select 'Add Street' and enter a street name.
6. Select 'House Number' and add the house address for your destination.
7. Select 'Start Route Guidance.' The route will be calculated and displayed on the LCD screen.
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How to Remove the Radiator From a BMW

1. Locate the drain plug at the bottom of the BMW's radiator and place a drain pan underneath the plug. Take the cap off the top of the radiator and then open the drain plug with an open end wrench to allow the radiator to drain completely.
2. Remove the upper radiator hose from the top of the radiator by undoing the hose clamp with a screwdriver and sliding the radiator hose away from the outlet tube of the radiator.
3. Loosen the overflow hose clamp, located next to the radiator cap, with a screwdriver and remove that hose.
4. Locate the two transmission cooler lines that are connected to the radiator near the bottom and use an open end wrench to unfasten the lines from the radiator. Move the transmission lines out of the way to give you enough room to work.
5. Find the electric coolant level sensor that is on the left side of the radiator as you are facing the motor. Start at the top and unfasten the sensors by using a flat-head screwdriver to insert into the slot and pull away while guiding the plug away from the radiator. Use a socket wrench to unfasten the sensor mount from the radiator.
6. Unfasten the air filter assembly mount on the left side of the radiator with a socket wrench and then undo the hose clamp around the lower radiator hose and slide the hose off of the radiator. Remove the bracket that sits on the top of the radiator by sliding a screwdriver into the two slots on the top and prying up until the clamps pop open.
7. Slide the radiator straight up until the unit is free from the vehicle and set it off to the side.
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How to Unlock All Cars in Midnight Club

1. Drive south in New York past the war memorials and towards the low wall. Follow the wall and turn left until you reach a crosswalk. Turn around at the crosswalk and hold the 'X' button and follow the wall back and turn right after you pass the memorial again. Look for a red building and go inside up the ramp on the right side. Jump over to the other roof and look for a pink aurora and drive through it. This will unlock the Super Taxi car.
2. Drive all the way to the right side of your map in New York. Continue south until you pass four red buildings. Drive into the fourth one and hold down the 'X' button as you go up the ramp. Crash through the window to the right at the top of the ramp and land in the third building. You will land on the second floor. Look for the pink aurora and drive through it to obtain the Marauder car.
3. Turn around when you first arrive in London and look for a blue 'SPEED' sign. Drive towards the sign and turn slightly right. Keep going through the second intersection and you'll see a low building with a green dome. Go up the ramp up to the left of the building and crash through the window. You will see the pink aurora. Drive through it to unlock the Faasuto GR car.
4. Drive straight in London again until you reach a red stony area. Veer to the right and keep going until you reach the second intersection, then stop. Turn around and go back the way you came swerving to the right in the red stone area. Keep driving towards the blue 'SPEED' sign and go up a ramp. You will go airborne and land on a roof. Look to your left for the pink aurora to get the Faasuto GS car.
5. Drive to the lower part of the map in London towards the circular roadways. In the center you will see a red building. Locate the ramp on one side of the building and hold down your 'X' button while going up the ramp. Turn sharply right at the top of the ramp to go airborne. Hold down your brake buttons so you will stop instantly when you land. You will see the pink aurora once again and drive through it. This will unlock the Faasuto GT car.
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How to Replace the Rear Brakes on a Passat

1. Loosen the rear wheel lug bolts with the tire iron. Lift the rear of the Passat with a good-quality floor jack and lower it slowly and securely onto a pair of jack stands placed under the rear of the car at the proper jacking points.
2. Remove the lug nuts on the rear wheels and take off the wheels, setting them aside. Spray brake cleaner on the brake components and wipe everything down with a rag. This will include the caliper, the rotor and nearby parts.
3. Locate and remove the caliper bolts, located on the top and bottom of the caliper facing the wheel well. Use a socket to remove these, while you hold the inboard nut with an open-ended wrench to loosen the bolts. Set the bolts aside.
4. Slide the caliper off the rotor. Tie the caliper to a nearby chassis or suspension component with a piece of wire so that there is no weight on the soft brake line, which can damage it.
5. Disconnect the brake pad wear sensor from the brake pad. Remove the brake pads, one from the caliper and one that should still be on the caliper bracket. Spray the caliper and the bracket with brake cleaner and wipe them off with a rag.
6. Remove the lid for the brake fluid reservoir in the engine bay. Remove about ½-inch of the brake fluid from the reservoir. Place the caliper piston tool onto the piston in the caliper and turn the tool so that it pushes and turns the piston into the caliper. Install the new brake pads in the same orientation that the old ones were installed.
7. Connect the brake pad sensor line. Slide the caliper over the rotor. Reinstall the caliper bolts with the socket and ratchet. Repeat the above steps on the other side of the car. Reinstall the wheels and lower the vehicle to the ground. Fill the brake fluid reservoir with fresh brake fluid. Pump the brake pedal until it feels firm.
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How to Fold an Audi Tire Jack

1. Turn the handle of your Audi jack counterclockwise to begin folding it into a completely downward position. The handle is the piece which rotates and has a plastic knob on it.
2. Fold the handle inward once the jack is completely depressed into a flat position.
3. Bend the jack head into a downward position. The jack head is the end piece on the jack that fits onto the jacking rail underneath your vehicle.
4. Place the folded Audi jack back into the trunk of your car where you can easily access it in case of emergencies.
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Installation Instructions for a BMW M5 Emblem

1. Slide the glossy card stock ½ inch under the emblem on the hood of the car. The card stock can be of any size and type, so you can use an advertisement or something similar.
2. Rest the tip of the screwdriver on the glossy card stock. The stock will keep the screwdriver from scratching the paint on your car.
3. Move the screwdriver along the card stock until it becomes wedged between the emblem and the stock.
4. Push the handle of the screwdriver down to act as a lever and pry off the current emblem. You can now remove the card stock.
5. Check the rubber grommets to make sure they didn't tear when you removed the emblem. If they ripped, simply pull them out with a pair of pliers and insert new ones. You don't need glue or anything else to keep them in place.
6. Take the new M5 emblem and push it down directly on the spot where the original emblem was. Be sure to apply pressure with both hands to make sure the emblem is secure.
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